Bespoke by VB ™

 adjective be·spoke \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\ custom-made to order

Bespoke by VB™ is our exclusive pure mineral blending system with a perfect balance of healthy skincare expertise and quality cosmetics.

Our specialists create bespoke color solutions for every complexion, personalizing your beauty needs from foundation to concealers, lip colors to blushers, bronzers to body shimmers, eyeshadows to eyeliners. Customizing products accommodates everyone’s unique set of traits: Personal coloring, skin type, age, lifestyle, personality and preferences.

What you can expect from our Bespoke by VB™ range:

  • Natural & Paraben-free – to maintain skin’s optimum balance
  • Natural botanicals – for effective skin conditioning
  • Antioxidant Modifiers & Additives – for free radical, anti-aging protection
  • Industry Professional ingredients – for outstanding high performance results
  • Long-lasting, Lightweight formulas – allow skin to breathe and regenerate